i want a potatoe (antiquate) wrote in kitsch_me,
i want a potatoe

1. how many/what countries have you been to? 5. (U.S.A, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, France)

2. pick a word out of the following: resin, ricochet, walnut, mandolino, sextant, Nobel, dynamite, panther, tepid, or division? Ricochet.

3. do you know why i put "dynamite" after "Nobel"? just curious: it really doesn't matter. Because Alfred Nobel invented it.

4. tell me a funny story. i was in a bar once and a friend of mine had had a few too many and came back from the bathroom with the sticker of a woman that was on the door and put it on my back. (which i didnt realize) when i woke up the next morning and saw it, I knew why we had got kicked out.

5. what does "kitsch" mean to you? in 1-3 words. fun, trash

6. show me a picture (or more than 1) you like! *hint: i don't neccesarily want to see you or your friends
title or description

7. would you want to live forever? actually, i don't really care. how about...What do you think a sample of your hair would say about your phsical health, or you personally, when you die? my physical health im guessing would say ive tried things but never excessively and personality: indecisive and trusting.

8. who the hell are these "scene" people anyway? you know... those "kids" who go to "shows".

9. shoes - what kind you like and/or wear. flip-flops are all i wear in Florida, but otherwise... my old blue chucks that have holes in them

10 a. what rhymes with your name? tally, cali, rally
10 b. if you can't think of anything, you suck. but you can answer this - do you like to dance? love to

11. what are some of your interests that would be fit for this community's interest list? travel, bicycles, cameras.

12. i guess i should probably ask - why do you want to join, why do you think you should be accepted?? because i actually lj-cut this and it looks like a lot of the people who are trying to get in haven't heard of it before and it was in the rules.

13. Is that all you want to contribute so far? yes.
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