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what is kitsch?

it may be here....

kitschy stuff for the kitschy kids - and more
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This community is about/for basically anything - music, movies, art, fashion, you, me, tid bits thrown all over the place. but all(or most, at least, please) of these things must be "kitschy" or have to do with "kitsch". If you are reading this and would like to join you probably know what i mean by all that.
i am the moderator, . or, lauren.

How-to & rules:
1. join community
2. fill out Q&A thing/application (below) and post in community under a cut
3. according to your Q&A thing/application other members and I will vote "yes" or "no" to your acceptance into the community
4. you may not post anything else until you are accepted
5. if you are not accepted please leave -imediately.
6. once in, you can you whatever you wish (unless i dissaprove & say so later)
7. you may NOT correct my incorrect usage of punctuation. i swear i'll take you out of the community. you MAY correct my spelling mistakes. it helps me so i spell that word better next time.
8. promote!!! see banners below
9. i've added step #9 just because i don't like ending things with 8. thanks!

So here's the Q&A thing/application. be as honest as humanly possible with your answers. some of the questions may seem pointless or random but it's what i wanna ask. i mean, does anyone care what your favorite color is? no. does your stance on gay marriage or abortion have anything to do with kitsch? possibly, but i'm gonna go with no. Here. Take it! GO:

1. how many/what countries have you been to?

2. pick a word out of the following: resin, ricochet, walnut, mandolino, sextant, Nobel, dynamite, panther, tepid, or division.

3. do you know why i put "dynamite" after "Nobel"? just curious - it really doesn't matter.

4. tell me a funny story.

5. what does "kitsch" mean to you? in 1-3 words.

6. show me a picture (or more than 1) you like! *hint: i don't neccesarily want to see you or your friends

7. would you want to live forever? actually, i don't really care. how about...What do you think a sample of your hair would say about your phsical health, or you personally, when you die?

8. who the hell are these "scene" people anyway?

9. shoes - what kind you like and/or wear.

10 a. what rhymes with your name?
10 b. if you can't think of anything, you suck. but you can answer this - do you like to dance?

11. what are some of your interests that would be fit for this community's interest list?

12. i guess i should probably ask - why do you want to join, why do you think you should be accepted??

13. Is that all you want to contribute so far?